Proposal 1: Penalty for not fielding 3 players in a league or team K/O match. A team will forfeit 147 points for each player who does not compete against the opposing team.

Proposal 2: Individual & Pairs K/O competition – formats. All rounds to be played over the best of 1 frame.

Proposa l 3: Individual & Pairs K/O competitions – closing date for entries. Closing date for submission of names and fees shall be the October monthly CIU Games Council meeting. i.e the first Wednesday in October.


Proposal 4: Postponement of fixtures – 72 hour notice period. The opposition captain must be directly contacted by the postponing captain a minimum of 72 hours prior to the scheduled start time.


Proposal 5: Postponement of fixtures – limits & penalties. Any team postponing, without extenuating circumstances, 3 league matches during a season, will incur a penalty point for each match postponed thereafter.

Any match postponed but played in the same week that it was scheduled to be played will not count as a postponed match.


Proposal 6: Playing standards – Etiquette. All players are representatives of the league and as such, are responsible for their behaviour during matches, both towards other players and spectators alike.


Any behavior deemed to bring the reputation of the league into disrepute (This also applies to comments made on social networking sites) should be dealt with by the club committee at where it occurred. The captain is to write to the secretary of the club concerned with details of the complaint with a copy also to be sent to the York branch games secretary for discussion at the next games council meeting.



Proposal 7: Playing standards – Referees. The home team shall provide a person to act as referee for all frames and whose decision shall be final.


Proposal 8: Playing standards – Playing rules. All matches shall be played under the current rules of the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association with the exception of the “miss rule” which shall not be enforced.


Proposal 9: Completion of fixtures – 1st half of the season. All first half of the season fixtures must be completed by 31st December of that year.


Proposal 10: Completion of fixtures – All second half of the season fixtures must be completed by the final scheduled league fixture date of that season. In the case of matches not completed by this date. A decision will be reached at the next games council meeting following the season end as to how or if any match points will be awarded. Failure to complete could result in the match being void and both teams losing all points.